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Welcome to Free Aircraft Booking System

"FABS launched to all on 16th March 2012"

Free Aircraft Booking System is provided by a UK pilot but is open to all pilots, clubs and groups around the world to use totally free of charge and forever. All we ask is that you add a link from your website back to ours.

Why Choose Us?

The system was built by a pilot after the system he had used for years changed from free to paid (GoBoko).The best free GoBoKo Replacement.

It is for the pilot and aviation community and if anyone has any ideas for improvements just send us an email and we may add them.

We are open to suggestions for new features.

If you want to suggest a feature for the Free Aircraft Booking System just complete the form below and we will let you know if we think we can add it for you

Simple and straightforward to use...

Free Aircraft Booking System is provided for the benefit of the aviation community by an avid pilot based in the North West of the UK.  We also call it the Free Airplane Booking System for our American cousins.

There is no catch and no future charges.  We are simply providing a service to our friends out there in the aviation world.

One day we may carry some advertising on the site to fund development but you can rest assured that if you migrate your club booking system to our site you will never be asked to pay anything.

What's more we won't use your data in any way at all to make any money for ourselves or send you spam etc.  We promise.

We fly and we know that's what you want to do.  We all want to spend less on aviation and fly more.  With the Free Aircraft Booking System (FABS) you pay less, in fact you pay nothing so you can spend your savings on a bit more flying!

Our only request is if you have a club website, please provide a link back to our site so others can find the system and use it

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