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How Free Aircraft Booking System works...

We have a secure server based in Lancaster,UK and Glasgow, UK.  The server is actually a bunch of servers at an ISP and they are load balanced meaning they could in theory cope with over 20,000 simultaneous bookings although that is highly unlikely.  Our website stores your information in a SQL database and is available 24 hours a day seven days a week.

The free aircraft booking platform is backed up every 15 minutes to ensure that in the unlikely event we suffered an outage we could quickly restore all our systems and bookings to a maximum of 15 minutes before the event. That's pretty secure.

Who is free aircraft booking system for....

Free Aircraft booking system (free airplane booking system for our American friends) is for flying groups, shared ownership planes and partnerships or indeed anyone who finds it useful. If you buy an aircraft share or are part of a flying club this system may be able to help you.

We dont really mind who uses it so long as you have a plane and need to share bookings amongst a number of people, or even one person if you really need help to remember your bookings

The System and how to book....

Once your free booking account is created you can then add members to the system.  Each of these members can be assigned rights. Generally as system administrator you will have more rights than the normal members.  Add a few details about all the planes that are part of the group and you are ready to go.

Create your members and they receive an email with their username and password. They can then login and start making bookings.  They won't need any training, if they do then they probably shouldn't be flying planes :).  It's dead simple.

Just choose the plane (if the group has more than one) click on the calendar on the date they want to book and set the start time and end time and date. Your member will receive a confirmation at that point.  That's it.

You can also get reports of all bookings that happened whenever you like.  We are constantly adding more features that will provide everything you will need to enable effortless booking of your aircraft


+44 (0)7880 736073